Are you ready to get more involved? Oaks & Acorns is looking for new members for our Board of Directors.

Most of all, it is essential for nonprofits to have a strong organizational structure. Furthermore, this structure is built through the board of directors. But, what exactly is a board of directors, and what role does a board play within our nonprofit? In order to answer these questions, and many more, our Program Director,

Rondelle Perkins 1(347)552-1262 . 

Submit your Board of Directors application through the Google form.

Finally, send us your resume or CV. Please submit your application through the form below and send your resume or CV to our nominating committee. Furthermore, upon request, Oaks & Acorns will provide a PDF version of our primer for your nonprofit to utilize.  For questions, please contact us directly. We can’t wait for you to join us!