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Oaks & Acorns has been committed to bringing Seniors and Youth in San Diego together for 25 years. This is due to the strong involvement from dedicated members and volunteers. As a result of this community engagement, we are still going strong. Our forest is waiting for you. We need new Acorns and their families help our Forest continue to grow and flourish. There are many ways for you to contact us.

Because life is busy, Oaks & Acorns offers a variety of opportunities.  Rather than trying to fit into our schedule, find what fits for you. There are levels to fit your lifestyle and schedule. Furthermore, we are always open to suggestions for new programs and partnerships. Help us put down some new roots and spread wide new branches. Please check back soon to see all the classic Oaks & Acorns programs we are reviving and the new programs we are planting.

Learn more about our work by getting in touch with Oaks & Acorns. For general information, please use our Info address.

Contact Oaks & Acorns

Contact our Intergenerational Pioneer & Founder, Alannah Sinclaire, or our Executive Director, Kia Bordner, directly, as well.

Intergenerational Pioneer
Alannah Sinclaire
Executive Director
Kia Bordner

In addition, feel free to call our new Info Line at 619-535-9552 . Be sure to leave your contact information. Liz Warner, our Social Media Manager, will get back to you as soon as possible. Another way to connect with Oaks & Acorns is through our Facebook page. Due to our events being listed on Facebook, please RSVP to our events posted there. As a result of our upcoming relaunch, complete with newly revamped logo, we have added an Instagram account, too!

Finally, please submit the form below with your contact information for details about volunteering, our programs, and setting up an ongoing sponsorship. One of our staff will connect with you in a few days.


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Grow with us into the 21st Century.


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