Thank you in advance for watching this 2 min. 34 second Zoom debut. Hopefully, The Courageous Sages will be in the City schools SOON!

This was made on April 2, 2020 when the SD City Schools were closed. You will hear the 7 Super Seniors with Alannah – founder and past Exec Director as moderator, who had a great time rehearsing and putting their original song on Zoom for all to share. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE THIS PROGRAM* CONTINUE, ANY AND ALL DONATIONS WILL BE APPRECIATED!

“Every Little Cell in Your Body”

The Courageous Sages are talented, energetic and spirited group of 6 to 8 senior “sages” ages 62-92 delight young audiences as they sing, mime, do improvs, and dance their way into the hearts and minds of students, teachers and staff.

Our intergenerational performances include interactive songs and improvisation, positive role modeling with full audience participation.  The intention of these unique retired professionals is to help close the “generational gap” through modeling positive social emotional behavior in a fun and accepting environment.

The motivational topics focus on healthy character development, compassionate communication, and positive self-acceptance while celebrating our diversity.  They have performed in numerous San Diego City schools and internationally, too!