Creating a Financial Ecosystem

For 25 years, Oaks & Acorns has focused on building strong intergenerational communities through meaningful programs which ​improve understanding. However, in order to grow our intergenerational forest, we need an equally thriving financial ecosystem.

Foremost, a Healthy Oak groves needs
* a solid foundation of bedrock, in which to plant down solid roots
* healthy topsoil, from which to draw the necessary nutrients & nourishment
* rays of sunshine, to allow us to process our resources
* clean air, to ensure a healthy environment
* fresh rain, to re-energize & replenish our  reserves

Your support is a crucial next step for the success of our mindfulness program

Looking for new ways to fulfill our mission, Founder Alannah Sinclaire and Outrageous Sage Len Pellettiri envisioned bringing mindfulness into our public schools.

As a result of our previous mentoring programs, assemblies designed to show youth the fun side of seniors (The Outrageous Sages), and numerous other projects, we have developed a strong relationship with the San Diego School District. In conjunction with SDUSD and its Guidance & Counseling Department, we are developing our new Growing a Mindful Grove program.

Consequently, our Executive Director, Kia Bordner, has created a strategic plan for implementing the GMG program and positioning Oaks & Acorns to be a major partner in the creation of a mindful school climate here in San Diego.  Most of all, our strategic plan requires your assistance!

We have developed sponsorship levels, each representing one of the elements necessary for a forest to thrive.

Building strong intergenerational communities through meaningful programs which ​improve understanding requires your support.

your one time, monthly, quarterly, or annual donations help us create & maintain our work in the community

Help us Grow a Mindful Grove in San Diego Unified School District with your financial contributions.

We will highlight all donors on social media & our website

  • First of all, Oaks & Acorns will thank every sponsor on Twitter & Instagram when a donation is made.
  • In addition, each month, Oaks & Acorns will highlight all sponsors on our Facebook page.
  • Furthermore, Watering Can & Bedrock Level monthly, quarterly, or annual donors will be listed on our Sponsor page.
  • During each quarter, Oaks & Acorns will focus on one of our community partners.
  • But, wait! There is more to come. New donor perks will be sprouting soon.

Top sponsorship level comes with recognition for donors


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Oaks and Acorns is a 501C(3) non profit tax exempt charitable organization

We are registered with the US IRS and Ca Franchise Tax Board

All donations are tax deductible