intergenerational community provide opportunities for you to get involved

Making a Difference

Oaks & Acorns has shaped lives and positively impacted the world through solid relationships building for 25 years. In order to continue to thrive, we are providing especially relevant opportunities to empower the Lively Oaks & Inquisitive Acorns in our Forest. We invite you to get involved.

You can find a path to get involved now!

join our Mindful Grove curriculum development team

First of allemail us to learn more about joining this team. Growing a Mindful Grove is one of our newly planted signature programs, hence we are striving to include more individuals with backgrounds in one or more of these areas –
* mindfulness
* yoga for children
* social-emotional learning
* holistic education
* nutrition and nourishment
* Design Thinking
* cultural sensitivities
* inclusion
* restorative practices
* trauma informed care

sit on our Board of Directors

Furthermore, we are also restructuring our Board of Directors. As a result, we need you and your enthusiasm for creating intergenerational communities to help us fulfill our mission & vision. So, you should apply today. Or, contact us for more information.

become part of our Living Legacy Library

In addition, we have begun another generation bridging project! Most noteworthy, our Living Legacy Library will have multiple “branches.” These will roll out in phases. So, be sure to apply to be part of our inaugural library.  Another way to get involved is to nominate Lively Oaks to be part of the Living Legacy Library. Email us with your nominations.

fund the financial ecosystem which will support Oaks & Acorns

Most of all, donate to sustain our intergenerational work. We need sponsors like you.  Because we understand everyone has various resources, we have created different sponsorship levels, so anyone can be part of our ecosystem. Contact us directly for more information. Another simple way is to shop at Amazon Smile, through our link, and Amazon donates to Oaks & Acorns. 

volunteering your warm sunshine, fresh air, or refreshing rain at one of our events or on a committee

Finally, acorns need warm sunshine, fresh air, and refreshing rain to sprout and grow into thriving saplings, which in turn become strapping oaks. So, too, does our organization. Since Oaks & Acorns appreciates all the trees in the forest, your unique self is who we need! Who knows what we could achieve with you in our community? Write us today, and describe the path you would like to take. Fill out the form below. We will reply as soon as possible to discuss how we can make a difference together.

Oaks & Acorns looks forward to creating a lasting relationship with you.