Oaks & Acorns is thrilled to announce

the Living Legacy Library

To further our mission of
building strong intergenerational communities, through meaningful programs which improve understanding, Oaks & Acorns has partnered with Encinitas Union School District (EUSD) to curate a new Living Legacy Library.

The Living Legacy Library aligns with our vision to enhance the lives of all, by bringing Lively Oaks and Inquisitive Acorns, together in educational, motivational, and relevant environments. EUSD utilizes, Nepris, which is a safe, online format educators utilize to connect students with various industry professionals, to bring relevance to educational topics. Inviting seniors to share their life experiences through Nepris is a wonderful way to create and support intergenerational relationships.

When children can identify historical events with real live individuals, a whole new level of engagement is possible. Make history come alive by telling your first hand experience of a historical moment. Or imagine the wonder and excitement that could be sparked by sharing some of your childhood experience with students!

For more information, please contact us directly.

To be considered for the Living Legacy Library project, please fill out the Google form below.